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About This Course

Looking for a job can be scary, especially if you are a youth with limited work experience. In this course you will prepare yourself to make the best impression when applying for a job. Through the various activities, you will learn how to write a good cover letter, prepare for an interview and craft a powerful personal narrative that will capture the attention of the interviewer.

November 2020 Update

In our continuing efforts to make the Young Thinkers Program better for you, we’ve updated this course with additional information and a new quiz. The changes may have impacted your grade or this course’s completion status. If this is the case, you will need to log back into the course and complete the new quiz in order for this course to return to your “completed” list. Note that the course content related to interviews has moved to a brand new, expanded course: Career Planning 303: Interviews That Make You Stand Out.


None, although students may want to complete College and Career Planning 301 first.

Course summary for Teachers and Parents

Learn to write quality cover letters and prepare for interviews that convey a powerful personal narrative.
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Career Planning 302
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Telling Your Story: Cover Letters
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Preparing to find a job
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