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Living a Moderate Life explores different ways that we can live moderate, healthy lifestyles and the benefits this brings in making us physically and mentally strong members of society. Examine the consequences of living a life of excess and focus on the debilitating illness of addiction. Discuss the influencing factors that can lead to patterns of addictive behaviour and the devastating impacts that addiction has on the self, the family and the community. Finally, identify different community resources for supporting people who suffer from addiction..

The Crown Prince Court's Moral Education curriculum seeks to foster in students a set of universal values, which will enable them to peacefully interact and connect with people from different cultural and social groups who hold different views and perspectives. It seeks to empower them to become active, responsible, local and global citizens. It enables them to develop mutual understanding, respect for difference and empathy in order to sustain our cohesive and prosperous society. Through dialogue and interaction, students are provided with opportunities to explore different worldviews, to challenge one another's assumptions and attitudes and to develop the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to think critically, to make informed ethical decisions and to act on them in the interests of their society.



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The Individual and Community pillar develops moral thinking for individuals as active members of their families, social environments and communities.
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Living a Moderate Life
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