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About This Course

To enroll in and complete this course, you will leave the Young Thinkers Program platform. The Young Thinkers Program is unable to provide technical support for this course.

This 8-week college-level English course is located on the Earned Admission platform. This introductory composition course helps you develop and express ideas effectively for a variety of personal and professional purposes, audiences, and occasions. During the course, you complete five major written projects, maintain a writer’s journal, learn and apply a variety of concepts in the field of rhetoric and composition, and create an ePortfolio where you showcase your work and your evolving identity as a writer.

Key Details:

  • Time Commitment: 18 hours per week for 8 weeks.
  • Cost:Free, but extra services available for a fee.
  • Certificate:University Credit available for a fee.
  • Language: English only
This online English composition course helps you improve your ability to communicate and to think critically through writing.
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Arizona State University ENG101
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English Composition
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