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About This Course

Employers routinely list critical thinking and effective problem-solving skills as two of the top skills they seek in prospective employees. Problem-solving means being able to confront a problem, grasp its underlying causes, consider all possible solutions and arrive at an answer that satisfies the needs of everyone involved. Problem-solving involves self-reflection, logical reasoning and self-awareness.

In this course, you will learn how to connect patterns of information and generate ideas for solving problems. We can learn problem solving by connecting patterns of information into patterns of thought in order to generate ideas and solve problems. Just like any skill, your ability to solve problems can be honed so that you can be more successful in every endeavor.

This course explores different aspects of the problem-solving process and examines numerous problem-solving tools and strategies through a hands-on approach. By evaluating specific examples, students learn how to navigate uncertainty and complexity with confidence.



Develop one of the top employer-desired skills through hands-on investigation of proven problem-solving strategies, innovative design-thinking, and effective research methods. 
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Strategic Thinking 101
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Problem Solving
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Strategic Thinking
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Diversifying my employability skills